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Friday, November 9, 2007

Filming activity in Prescott Oakland Point Neighborhoods

According to Ami Zins, Film Coordinator with the Oakland Film Office, Saturday, Nov. 3rd filming activity I witnessed on Central Station Parkway (Frontage Rd.) was a car commercial being produced by Bing Productions, a UK premier production company.

They could not divulge what car company but did state they will continue to film and finish probably Friday, Nov. 16th.

Looking for acting opportunity, check this out!

The Oakland Film Office is proud to announce LOCAL FOCUS!

Local Focus is a filmmakers’ salon and screening series featuring short films and music videos by local filmmakers. Local Focus will be held bi-monthly at the Oakland Metro Operahouse at 201 Broadway near Jack London Square.

The evening is an opportunity for local filmmakers to share their works with others in and outside of the industry, and to benefit by lively discussion and networking opportunities!

Admission is FREE and the public is invited. There will be a no-host bar and light snacks for your enjoyment.

The following films will be screened on Tues, Nov 13th:


Bag of Funyuns, by Yoram Savion and Youth Uprising, 4 min (total min of first two)

Anti Violence PSA, by Yoram Savion and Youth Uprising

Voices of Dissent, by Karil Daniels, 8.14 min

Trina’s Collections, by Ellen Lake, 6 min

The War Prayer, by Dawn Satkowski/Michael Goorjian/Noah and Mary Veneklasen (and others), 11.31 min

Switch and the Spark, by Taj Musco, 15 minTotal: 44.45 min


BBQ, by Janero Baltrip, 2.5 minGreat Train Robbery, by Kristian Hansen, 4 min

Town Culture & Youth Abuse PSA, by Joslyn Rose, 5 min

Jesus Wishes, by Heather MacLean, 8 minReflect, by Yoram Savion and Youth Uprising, 11 min (total min of last three)

Nameless Repercussions, by Yoram Savion and Youth Uprising Turf Dancers Freestyle, by Yoram Savion and Youth Uprising Total: 30.5 min

If you would like to submit a short film to the series, please see info below:

Please submit your short film or music video (15 minutes max length) in DVD format or by internet link for consideration to:

Oakland Film Office 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 9th Floor Oakland, CA 94612

We will contact you when we receive your film. If you have questions, please email or call 510-238-4734. We look forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you there!