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Friday, November 30, 2007

Guess who is coming to dinner?

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market” is planning to open a grocery store at the former site of Eugene International Market at the Jack London Gateway Shopping Center on Market Street. This addition (5 minutes drive), augments our current choices of grocery stores: Lucky's (8 minutes), Pak n' Save (6 minutes), Berkeley Bowl (12 minutes), Trader's Joe (8 minutes), Smart & Final (6 minutes) and Whole Foods (8 minutes).

Reviewing the
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market website, under Great Foods I Can Trust they sound like the type of grocery store our community needs, although they state they are smaller than the usual supermarket.

I heard that they signed the lease for the 27k sq. ft. but want to collaborate with a compatible venture to use approximately half of the space. A good candidate may be a drug store????

Here is a snap shot of the recent
Press Release of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market openings in San Diego

Based on recent openings in California, each Fresh & Easy store employs approximately 20 to 30 people. Entry-level positions start at $10 an hour (minimum 20 hours a week), and all positions include a quarterly bonus of up to 10%. Fresh & Easy pay at least 75% cost of comprehensive and affordable healthcare.

More to come later, Stay tuned…