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Friday, November 21, 2008

Reggae legend's first Destination: West Oakland

By Angela Woodall/Oakland Tribune

"There's a vibe in the air, I can feel it everywhere," as Reggae master Pato Banton sang in "Universal Love." Sunday, fans will be able to feel those vibes at the Continental Club.

The West Oakland show marks the start of the Banton's 2009 U.S. tour and the launch of his 12th recording "Destination Paradise." The event comes after an eight-year silence that began in 2000, when his 10th album, "Life is a Miracle" was nominated for a Grammy award. Shortly before, his two sons were injured in a drive-by shooting while he was touring. He took a break to create community projects aimed at helping youth and reducing violence, and set up his own School of Musical Arts And Technology.

Now he is back with the mighty six-member Mystic Roots Band. The Chico-born and now San Diego-based band blends reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall with overtones of rock, funk, and ska. The new songs still rock with the digital dancehall groove but add a deeper message about faith, peace and the legalization of marijuana.
Banton's performances are dynamic and draw in the audience, engaging them with upbeat and fun music on a range of topics including current events and spiritual freedom. With no fixed set list, the direction of the concert is based on the back and forth with the crowd.

Born Patrick Murray, the British musician has been on the reggae scene for nearly 25 years. His nocturnal habits earned him the nickname Patoo — later shortened to Pato — based on night owls in Jamaica that stay up calling "patoo, patoo." Banton comes from DJ slang for a heavyweight lyricist. In England he was known as "The Banton." Recently, the BBC awarded Banton with its Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to positive change and he received the Black Music Award for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of his contribution to the British Music Industry. On the day the Birmingham Museum opened its doors to the Reggae Hall of Fame, Pato was formally honored alongside UB40 and Steel Pulse — groups with whom he recorded chart-topping collaborations.

Sunday, Banton and the Mystic Roots Band are collaborating with local reggae-hip-hop band HAIRDOO, which opens the event.

What: An Intimate Evening with Reggae Legend Pato Banton and the Mystic Roots Band & Stay Positive Sound System. Reggae-hip hop band Hairdoo opens the event

Where: Continental Club, 1658 12th St., Oakland

When: 6 p.m. Sunday
Tickets: $25-$50

Info: 510-295-3535 or