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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's in a name????

Prescott-Oakland Point Neighborhood History (Part 1)

In my earlier readings, I found the following:

Oakland Point began as a commuter suburb in the 1860s. The Central (later the Southern) Pacific Railroad arrived in 1869, transforming what had been a small commuter suburb into the western terminus of the first transcontinental railroad and virtually a railroad "company town."

Many nationalities have been represented in the town over the years--first Yankee and North Europeans, then Italians and Slavs, Asians, and African Americans. The numbers of African Americans grew dramatically during World War II, when young men from the South arrived in large numbers, attracted by good-paying railroad and shipyard jobs.

The rich heritage is documented in these two videos.

"Crossroads: A Story of West Oakland" uses historic views, both still photographs and early motion picture footage, to dramatize the railroad's dominance in the area during the 19th and early 20th century. Interviews with long-time residents show the strength and resilience of all of the groups that have occupied "The Point," still one of Oakland's largest and most intact Victorian neighborhoods.

"Privy To the Past" concentrates on information on the daily lives of ordinary families living in West Oakland from the 1800s through the early 1900s provided by archeological investigations conducted by CALTRANS.

For Location see "Oakland Point 1900" map below.

Here are some Prescott and Oakland Point references- Oakland Museum of CA

Case Study 29. Oakland Point Historic District, San Francisco County, CA (determined eligible for listing in the National Register in 1990)

Here is another reference: The Book of Jack London, by Charmian London 1921, chapter 3, page 29

“With the produce, a greengoods store was opened at seventh and Campbell streets. This junction was known as The Point by Oaklanders of that day.”

"I recall an occasion, in girlhood, when I paddled in the tiny gray-green surf at The Point, and then went indoors for a salt tubbing in water pumped from the bay and heated.”

Prescott Name-The Prescott name appeared around the early 19th century when schools and neighborhoods seem to share the same name.

I had heard there are some relations to the Prescott name and William Hickling Prescott, a historian, which I have not been able to confirm.

The Prescott-Oakland Point neighborhood is well documented as provided below:

Archaeology Outreach: It Takes A Community

Oakland Point reference pg. 177 (5 of 34)

Playing Hard in West Oakland ; Suzanne Howard-Carter, pg. 177 (5 of 34)

Prescott School 1906

The West Oakland Home Maria Gutman

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The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes ; The Anthropological Studies Center

Putting the "There" There: Historical Archaeologies of West Oakland

The Federal Reporter: With Key-number Annotations ...‎ - Page 174
This bar was a continuous shoal, extending from Oakland Point to Alameda Point, rendering navigation from the bay of San Francisco into the creek only ...

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A. Well, I should think we spent a great deal of money at Oakland Point. We spent millions of dollars there. Q. A million ? — A. Millions of dollars there.

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From Oakland Point to Yerba Buena is scant three miles. It might be advisable and practicable to carry ont a structure in the Bay for a mile or a mile and a ...

The Overland Monthly‎ - Page 151 1899
In 1875, Tiernan hauled out, at Oakland Point, for the Southern Pacific Bail- road Company, the side-wheel steamer Chrysopolis, (originally built by Captain ...

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by John Beckford - Business & Economics - 1998 - 351 pages
JOHN S. OAKLAND Point 1 Long term commitment; Point 2 Change the culture to 'right first time'; Point 3 Train the people to understand the ...

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by Joseph Eugene Baker - Alameda County (Calif.) - 1914 - 594 pages
The first engine and first three cars used on the line were built at Oakland Point by Mr. Young. The San Francisco and Alameda railroad was being ...

The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes: Explorations in Slumland‎ - Page 25
Street soon connected downtown Oakland to the new ferry terminal, and Seventh Street became the commercial centre of West Oakland . In l869 Oakland Point...

The Railroad System of California: Oakland and vicinity; University, etc (1871)

Report ... of the United States Pacific Railway Commission [and Testimony ...‎ - Page 2392
The Oakland Railroad had, I think, about two or three miles of track running from Oakland Point to San Antonio , as it was…

The Overland Monthly
The stern-wheeler Constine was built in 1874; and the barge Governor Hayes was built at Oakland Point, in 1876, for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and is 225 feet long, 43 feet beam, 6 feet 6 inches deep. In 1880, Captain Tiernan built the barge Garfield at Oakland Point for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company

For more neighborhood history, watch for Prescott-Oakland Point Neighborhood History Part 2.

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