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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Music They Played On 7th Street

On March 20th 2012, April 3rd 2012, the Oakland City Council will consider passing a resolution, acknowledging "the Music They Played on 7th” street, with the “Oakland Walk of Fame" installation dedicated to those who created, produced, presented, and played America's indigenous musical art form - blues, jazz, and gospel.
This installation also pays tribute to the great musicians, club owners, record companies, and related independent businesses on 7th Street known as "the Harlem of the West Coast."
In addition to the Bay Area Blues Society, the installation acknowledges pianist and bandleader Louis Sidney “Sid” LeProtti (1886-1958.) LeProtti originally started his band at “The So Different Place” in San Francisco, so they used the name after they left that venue.

The Walk of Fame installation is located on 7th Street in front of the West Oakland Bart Station, from Center Street to Chester Street.