Something to remember, as we enter a new year: Yesterday's history, Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift, that's why it is called "the present". [Via]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why I will not vote for you.

Soon we will be able to answer the phone without worries the caller will be pitching a candidate, proposition or measure, and the endless request that we phone bank, or consider donating. I cannot wait to get just the usual mail and emails. I will soon be able to answer the door without wondering what candidate is seeking my vote. It is all too tiring.

I got your mailer, I have attended the candidate forums, I have received the robo-calls…ENOUGH ALREADY!

Having endured so much, I am ready to ask the questions I need answered before I consider voting for you.


Who are you? Besides the many name changes… your history does not jive.

Where are you getting tens of thousands of dollars to loan yourself for campaigning and for community efforts?

Groups created for the sole purpose of endorsements dates back to the cave men period. The endorser’s past decisions and accomplishments are always considered. Do you really want to associates yourself byway of individual or group endorsements of those with a history of grandiose ideologue opinions that constrain and restrict growth and development in the community?

Have you traded any friendships for endorsements?

Did you really think sending birthday cards to people that you have not met would not be spooky? 

Do you think you are using the registered voters list from Alameda County smartly?

Your stump speeches consist of all your accomplishments. You have joined every community organization and made each one better or successful. OH REALLY? You usually arrive late, and then look for an opportunity to segway into your scripted speech sometimes described as “off-topic, weird, or just plain irrelevant.” How is that working for you?

Another issue this year is the use of Ranked choice voting. I am voting for the candidate I want to win. I will not vote for a 2nd or 3rd runner-up. This is not a popularity contest. Either you are the person I think can do the job or not. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Making a 2nd or 3rd choice seems like I have lower the bar and settled. That does not work for me. VOTE ONCE.