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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty Lady in the Prescott and EBX

 A Korean-American Diner 

Pretty Lady serves up classic diner fare, fist bumps, and homemade kimchi.

At the West Oakland (in the Prescott Oakland Point neighborhood) diner known as Pretty Lady, every customer receives a fist bump from Sung Son, the Korean woman who runs the place. It's an endearing quirk at a restaurant full of endearing quirks. English might not be Son's native language, but any regular customer will attest that she is fluent in grooving to oldies and in making guests feel welcome. You seat yourself at the horseshoe-shaped counter and, after the bumping of fists, you can ask Son or her husband (who helps out on busy days) for a complimentary plate of kimchi.

According to Son, the greasy spoon has existed at its Peralta Street location (at 1733 Peralta Street) under the same name since the Fifties. She and her husband took over eight years ago, and they kept the focus of the menu more or less the same: omelets, pancakes, burgers, and other American breakfast-and-lunch standards. 

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