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Saturday, July 18, 2009

POPna News: Former Oakland Army Base Parcels

On July 21st, 3:00pm the Port of Oakland, Board of Commissioners will hear the July 16th Maritime Committee Report , Item M-2 (pg. 15 of 118) Authorization for the Executive Director to execute a six-month ENA with AMB/CCG … (meeting results)

On the July 21st Agenda, Item S-21.1at 6:00pm, the City of Oakland Redevelopment Agency / City Council will again attempt to schedule the date for council discussion and action on an agency resolution authorizing to negotiate and enter into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement between the Oakland Redevelopment Agency and AMB Property Corporation /California Capital Group and/or Federal Oakland Associates regarding a proposed development of a mixed-use project consisting of logistics, industrial, office, project-serving retail and other uses mandated by the agency on up to 135 acres of the former Oakland Army Base.
July 21st results:
On Tuesday (July 28th) the Oakland City Council will select a team to develop 130 acres on the former Oakland Army Base.