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Monday, August 10, 2009

Prescott Oakland Point to receive ARRA Funds

According to an Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) press release on August 6th, our neighborhood will receive stimulus funding for repairs and upgrades:

Campbell Village located at 1657 10th Street was built in 1940, and is it is composed of 19 buildings encompassing Campbell Street, 8th street, Willow Street and 10th Street and includes 154 units and four large parking lots. Each building in Campbell Village will receive new exterior painting; new roof eves, Solar panels, and all fencing will be painted. In addition, the parking lot gates will be removed, and each lot sealed and striped. Total Grant: $480,000

Peralta Villa located at 960 Mandela Parkway was built in 1993 and spans four city blocks (Prescott Oakland Point southeast boundary) between Mandela Parkway and Union Street and includes 390 units. This complex will receive a complete roof replacement and exterior painting, double pane energy efficient windows, parking areas resealed and striped and equipment bays constructed. A zeroscape[1] landscape redesign with drought resistant plantings will be planted. Total Grant $1,500,000

These repairs and upgrades should complement the work currently underway by the Central Station Development efforts.

[1] The industry definition is simply a landscape design where there is little or no ongoing maintenance.