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Thursday, September 30, 2010

AC Transit cut weekend service to line 31


At the Sept. 22nd AC Transit Board of Directors meeting, staff presented a preliminary Title VI, map-level analysis of the service area showing the following:

• Routes Proposed for Continuation

• 1/4 Mile Walk-Shed around Continued Lines

• Minority Concentrations by Census Tract

The results of this analysis are attached to this memorandum and have resulted in changes to the original proposal. Additionally, staff has conducted further ridership modeling to review impacts associated with the implementation of the scenario identified above.

Both of these studies have informed recommendations that propose the following alterations to the original plan for service to West Oakland.

“Given the concentration of minority population, combined with the high instances of zero car/low income households, staff recommends retention of Line 26 to satisfy anticipated Title VI disparate impacts.”

As part of GM Memo 10-210, staff originally presented a service cut scenario that included both the 26 and 31 lines.

In the end, AC Transit's board of directors voted 7-0 to halve its weekend service and cut four of six overnight lines starting in December. Line 31 weekend service was cut.

General Manager Message:

"I want to emphasize that delaying these cuts is not an option at this point," said Interim General Manager Mary King. "Right now, this agency is like a patient in critical condition. AC Transit must act to stop the hemorrhaging now. We are applying tourniquets wherever possible in order to remain solvent and sustain some level of service for seniors, youth, disabled, working people and other riders who depend on AC Transit during these undeniably difficult economic times. Once we have stabilized the agency we will look for ways to restore service when funding to do so is available."

Some re-routing of line 26 & 31 was also approved.

Line 26: Current & Preview (available Oct. 8th) of Route Change

Line 31: Current & Preview (available Oct. 8th) of Route Change

Further action by Ac Transit include: Fare Increase

Activity Tentative Completion Date

Board Presentation October 27, 2010

Final Board Consideration / Set Public Hearing December 15, 2010

Public Hearing January/February 2011

Plan Adoption and Implementation Late Spring 2011

Further Service Reductions Considerations:

Activity Tentative Completion Date

Final Concepts Consideration / Set Public Hearing October 13, 2010

Board Conducts Public Hearing November 10, 2010

Board Consideration of Final Plan December 15, 2010

Title VI Compliance Review Completion February 2011

Implementation Mid-March 2011