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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raccoons in the Prescott

Community members walking their dog early this morning in the Raimondi Park area was surprised by 3 raccoons, charging them and their dog. They stated the raccoons seem focused on their dog, which is an adult lab mix.

As the raccoons charged, the walkers screamed which caused two raccoons to stop and retreat. One raccoon seemed more aggressive than the others and retreated very slowly after coming within 5 feet. The raccoons were reported as watching the walkers as they made their way east on 18th street from Wood Street.

During the last couple of months there have been reports from community members living in all parts of the Prescott neighborhood of raccoons in their backyards, driveways and on the streets in the night or early a.m. with some folks reporting some aggressive behaviors from the raccoons.

Although raccoons look cute and cuddly, the can and do great harm with those retractable claws. Let's keep our children and pets safe and don’t engage the raccoons.

Raccoons carry diseases that can be spread to other animals including dogs such as raccoon rabies, roundworm and distemper just to name a few.

Remember don’t leave those water and food bowls out at night. Make sure the tops on garbage cans are closed and secure.