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Friday, January 29, 2010

Oakland Police New Website

(Chief Anthony Batts shown above)

A message from Captain Anthony Toribio, Area One Commander:

The new OPD website is up and running. The site can be accessed directly at, or through the city’s website at

The City of Oakland site is still in BETA, so if you identify any problems on the OPD site, please contact Ms. Sylvia McDaniel at

Under the patrol directory, you will find Area 1 which includes West (e.g. Prescott-Oakland Point neighborhood) and North Oakland and is bordered by the Berkeley Hills on the north, Lake Merritt on the east, the Oakland Estuary on the south, and the Bay on the west.

Also, each area will have a News & Updates section in their area page. The respective commander will be able to post crime alerts, good work by officer, and other important information to the community.

The other option, to look more directly at crime, is to use CrimeWatch on the Crime Statistics page. Oakland Crimespotting is another option for data using a interactive map of crimes .

OPD does not have the ability at this time to put up real time information. We should look at how what is put in the News & Updates section can be automatically sent to participating e-groups.