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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We draw the lines (California Redistricting)

Check out the workshop video which features Prescott-Oakland Point resident, Karin Mcdonald.

Redistricting is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to redraw the state's legislative districts. This single act may do more to influence the make-up of the legislature and its agenda over the next 10 years than all of the elections during that period combined. Every single policy issue is affected by who is elected to the legislature, and every single legislative election for the next decade is affected by redistricting. It's that simple.

For the first time, this critical task will not be performed by elected officials but by a new Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Applications are exclusively via the internet at and must be received no later than FEBRUARY 12TH, 2010.

As of Jan 22nd the number of applications submitted totals 7681 and applications tentatively eligible are 6470.

A breakdowns of those applications include:

.18% Pacific Islander
.63% American Indian / Alaska Native
2.83% other
7.14% Black
8.87% Hispanic / Latino
75.98% White

29.73% Female
70.27% Male

Political Affiliations
45.5% Democratic
38.0% Republic
16.5% all others

There are upcoming community informational meetings being hosted by Greenlining Institute, Statewide Database and Bureau of State Audits, on January 28th 2010, 5:30pm at 1918 University Ave, Berkeley CA 94704

RSVP: Adam Briones at or 510-926-4022

Pizza and beverages will be served.