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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Target Store enters Oakland market from the West

A Target Store is coming...Really!

According to a couple of news and word-on-the-street sources, Target Corp. has acquired the old Kmart / Home Expo part of Home Depot’s chain of 34 upscale design stores that was shut down in 2009 with plans to open in 2011 after significant improvements on the site. Work should start after Target Corp. should start work after obtaining necessary permitting from the City of Oakland.

This site is located at 1555 40th Street, at the corner of Horton street adjacent to the family of retail which makes up what’s known at the East BayBridge Shopping Center starting at 40th Street west of San Pablo Ave. Stores include Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, Home Depot, Michaels, BNC Nutrition Center, Radio Shack, Pak n’Save, Baskin Robbins, Verizon Wireless, GameStop, Pacific Sales, Pet Club and Babies R Us.

This area is easily accessible by way of driving or bicycling using Mandela Parkway if or AC Transit Bus line 31 which starts in March 2010.

Target has made no secret of the “development of a smaller store format with an edited merchandise assortment which meets the needs of guests in dense urban markets, and fits within the real estate constraints of these areas.”

My daughter reluctantly went in to a Target Store recently proclaiming “there’s nothing in this store” as we entered. Soon she discover they sold “Ed Hardy” purses, as well as other fashionable items which is consistent with Target’s growth and renovation efforts while “incorporating a variety of new merchandise initiatives…”

We will keep watching until they open in year 2011 as well as keep you informed.

Until then check out their “Target Focused on Strategic Growth” and “YTD chart

Update: On March 6, a Target store on the Oakland/Emeryville border is slated to open its doors, company officials said.

A store the size that Target is planning for the Oakland and Dublin sites typically will hire 100 to 250 workers, the company estimated.