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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Public Safety Announcement

A message from Anthony Toribio, Captain of Police, Patrol Division, Area One, Oakland Police Department

Yesterday, a group involved in several robberies in Area One was arrested. The officers did an outstanding job making the arrests and conducting the preliminary investigation.

The suspects were subsequently interviewed by our criminal investigators. The suspect’s method of operation revealed nothing new:

  • They drove around looking for victims.
  • Citizens using cell phones, iPODs (and other small electronics), carrying bags/purses that may contain expensive items, or who were not paying attention were specifically targeted.

Please put this out to the community as we need to reinforce the importance of personal safety. The link provides excellent personal safety information.

Thank you.

Capt. Toribio

Personal Safety starts with you!

Crime is on the rise. Preparation and education are key elements to keeping yourself and your family safe. Become a tough target!

If you own a cell phone, program the Oakland Police Department emergency number in it: 777-3211.

Create or join a Neighborhood Watch group. Call (510) 238-3091 for more information.