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Monday, January 11, 2010

Some changes in the neighborhood!

What’s happening with the commercial building at 1545 Willow Street?

Prior to 1990, this building housed the BASF Corporation, Coatings & Colorants Division which list the SIC Code: manufacturer of Printing Ink.

During the housing boom a few years ago, the new owners obtained approvals from the City of Oakland, to build condos after previously housing both Caltrans and Oakland Housing Authority.

In August 2009, VJTV-The Visual Radio NETWORK hosted an industry mixer in this building promoting this event as the place to come mingle with the elites of the multi-media entertainment industry. Television Producers, Music Producer, Independent film makers, etc. Special invited guess include business executives and city officials.”

Presently, this location houses a number of businesses, with Butterfly Direct the latest to move in.

Here’s just a few of the new businesses

Umbrella Shirts offers screen-printing up to 8 spot colors, or we can use CMYK four-color process environmentally-friendly products, heat-transfer, embroidery products and more. They also offer custom demins, murals and hand-painted signs.

Contact Reuben B-L Owner/Printer, by email for more information.

Butterfly Direct Marketing & Communication Services describe itself as a printing and direct marketing company that produces items to generate a specific response which can be measured and tracked.

Initially, concentrating on “three direct marketing niches to include churches, dentists, and remodeling contractors” and planning to “expand into other areas to create more market niches.”

Butterfly Direct states that they assist with artwork, develop and standardize mailing list, print the material, process the pieces for mass mailing, and deliver to the post office.

Contact mailto:buford@butterfly-direct.comfor more information

Because We Can describes itself as a Design-Build Studio that specializes in Sustainable Interior Design & Custom Furniture.

They define "Design-Build Studio" as a “mash-up of designers, artists, creatives, fabricators, and builders who help design the project, manage its construction, directly build parts (or all) of it, and hire other professionals as required to complete the Project.”

Because We Can is lead by husband & wife team of Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, supported by a “small crew of people with multi-disciplinary backgrounds including architecture, design, photography, construction, computer programming and fashion” they share a common goal of “using only Sustainable or Eco Friendly products, our goal is to make the world a more interesting, productive, sustainable, and overall better place.”