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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Answer that door!

Don’t ignore the knock on the door; could it be someone trying to sell something, an evangelist, or could it ... Oh no, a Census Enumerator, there to collect GPS and household data. Oops, I forgot to mail back the Census form. It’s too late, just answer the door!

On Monday, March 15, 2010, I posted “The average American will no longer exist...” that spoke about the 2010 Census activity currently underway.

So how well has the Prescott-Oakland Point neighborhood do?

As of Wednesday, April 21, 2010, the 2010 Census National Participation Rate was 71% (compared to 2000 which was 72%); California 69% (2000 - 73%); Alameda County 70% (2000 - 72%); Oakland 66% (2000 - 65%)

Those living in Prescott-Oakland Point:

Tract 06001401700 – boundaries are Wood Street, 14th street, Peralta Street, 7th Street, 880-580 Freeway Maze, Bay Bridge area and Oakland Outer Harbor water.

58% (2000 - 45%)

Tract 06001401800 – boundaries are Wood Street, 14th street, Peralta Street and 7th Street.

47% (2000 - 42%)

Tract 06001401900 – boundaries are 7th Street, Adeline Street, Oakland Middle and Inner Harbor water. This includes the “South Prescott” area.

58% (2000 - 48%)

Tract 06001402200 – boundaries are 7th Street, Peralta Street, Mandela Parkway, and West Grand intersection.

54% (2000 - 46%)

Since April 16th was the last day to mail back your census, we will now see census enumerators throughout the neighborhoods to conduct home visits.

The cost of the mailed-back census form was 42 cents, compared to $57 for home visits.

The estimated cost of the 2010 Census is $14.5 billion which covers fiscal years 2001 through 2013 and includes the cost of the American Community Survey for each of these years.

Questions regarding the amount in federal funds distributed each year to states and communities based in part on census population data, can be answered at and any additional information found at

The 2010 Census Calendar can be found at